Ormat Technologies

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When: Wednesday afternoon, 12:00 pm
Where: I’m not even sure, but I think it was the Ormat headquarters somewhere in Yavne, near kvish arba (highway #4)
WWW: www.ormat.com
Who: Lucien (Yehuda) Bronicki, Chairman and CTO

“Ormat Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ORA) is a world leader in the geothermal power plant sector… In addition to designing, developing, building, owning and operating geothermal energy and recovered energy-based power plants in the United States and other countries, Ormat also designs, manufactures and sells power units and other power generating equipment for geothermal power plants and recovered energy-based electricity generation.” (company website)

I couldn’t help but notice as we walked in that the place had a different feel than some of the buildings/manufacturing plants we had been to. It was almost like a trailer park. Small, single-story individual buildings with flat-roofed low ceilings were lined up side by side. Perhaps there was an airport nearby or more probably these were old army barracks used by the British before 1948. In any event, one of them housed our conference room.

Mr. Bronicki gave us a detailed overview of the geothermal energy business. He quoted David Ben-Gurion, one of Israel’s Founding Fathers, as having said back in the 1930s that two important technologies for Israel to develop would be solar energy and desalination because Israel has no natural oil deposits and minimal fresh water. It was remarkable to hear that sitting in a geothermal energy company’s office, having just gotten off the bus from the desalination plant.

It seems to be a family business as three members of the seven-member board have the last name Bronicki (It must be a common name lol) and the other four members are listed as “non-executive”.

He gave a fascinating lecture on the state of geothermal energy and how it applies in Israel, and Professor Kessler expressed our sentiments at the end by commenting on Mr. Bronicki’s ability to think broadly and dynamically. He responded that people should be interested in learning about things and should read books.


Lucien Bronicki talking to our class (photo credit: Nikhil)

Professor Bachenheimer presenting Mr. Bronicki with “a little memento from New York” (photo credit: Julie)

Link: Click here for an article about Mr. Bronicki’s thoughts on the geothermal energy business

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