MIT Enterprise Forum

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When: Wednesday evening, 6:00 pm
Where: Tel Aviv University, Recanati Business School, Room 404


  • Professor Ayla Matalon, executive director of MIT forum
  • Dr. Ed Mlavsky, president emeritus and chairman of MIT forum; founding partner of Gemini Israel Funds; manager of BIRD for 13 years
  • Zvi Yemini, co-founder and chairman of Hydro-Industries Ltd., an innovative consumer products company in the Hose Reel segment of the Outdoor Gardening market.
  • Ofer Shoshan, co-founder and CEO of One Hour Translation
  • Professor Bruce Bachenheimer, board member and past chapter chair, MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City; clinical professor of management, Pace University

A few of us accompanied Professors Bachenheimer and Kessler to the MIT Enterprise Forum event held in Tel Aviv University and chaired by Professor Ayla Matalon, our contact in Israel.  Ayla graciously coordinated the timing of the event to accommodate our schedule and allow Professor Bachenheimer to speak at the event.

Before the program began we had an opportunity to mingle with Israeli entrepreneurs.  I had the privilege of meeting Gavriel, who works at BioFeed, a company which has come up with a way to remove pests from plants without using traditional pesticides.  In today’s ecologically-conscious environment people are wary of using any type of spray, and BioFeed has innovated a device which the insects feed off of and then are unable to harm the crop.

The lectures were in typical Israeli fashion:  straightforward and blunt.  The speakers appeared quite comfortable at the podium as evidenced by the constant maneuvering of the microphones and Ofer’s jab at the placcard which was supposed to display his name, but instead showed the name of the previous speaker.

Admittedly, after a long day, I was not able to concentrate on much other than Professor Bachenheimer’s lecture which was quite energetic and concise.

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