Tel Aviv University

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When: Thursday afternoon, 3:00 pm
Where: Tel Aviv University, Engineering School, Professor Ayla Matalon’s Thursday afternoon Entrepreneurial class
Who: Professor Ayla Matalon; Dr. Ed Mlavsky; Professor Bruce Bachenheimer

We attended a class on entrepreneurial studies together with 15-20 Tel Aviv University MBA students. We got to meet some of the Israeli students, most of whom have been in the army!  I sat next to David Glauber who works at CheckPoint, the famed security company started by ex-army buddies from Unit 8200, which offers firewall services to a majority of Fortune 100 companies.

Professor Matalon opened the class by talking about Jeffrey Moore’s book, “Crossing the Chasm”, which actually had been referred to us that morning by Amir Milo at Carmel Ventures.  Dr. Ed Mlavsky then spoke about the various programs initiated by the government to spark entrepreneurship.  Professor Bachenheimer then closed with a look at current entrepreneurial needs.  A lively discussion ensued over a much-needed update to the current pill bottle.

It was interesting to note that the lectures and discussions were all conducted in English.  My new friend, David, explained to me that since Israel has such a small population and does not trade with its immediate neighbors, young entrepreneurs are taught in English because, “The market is in America”.

It was a peaceful was to end the academic portion of the trip.

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